Love this one!

Oct 11, 2012 by Nicole

I love using the Youthful Rejuvenation balm on my face, neck and chest as a daily beauty treatment with built in protection from the sun! Even my husband started using it daily, and he normally hates putting products on his skin. You can really feel the herbs sinking in!

Excellent as a diaper cream

Oct 11, 2012 by Nicole

Sooo soothing for diaper rashes. It offers immediate, regenerative relief! Preventative and healing... finally a product I don't have to think twice about putting on baby's skin. Great for cradle cap and baby massages too.

Worth having around ALL the time!!

Oct 11, 2012 by Nicole

This is THE most healing product I have ever used! A few months after I had my daughter I majorly threw my back out. This Arnica balm was the best relief from 3 weeks of constant pain...the combination of Arnica/Chamomile and Shea loosened and soothed the inflammation so much that I'm convinced it cut down the healing time at least in half. The chiropractor was shocked at my recovery, and I could lift my daughter again that much sooner! Major injury aside, this balm works for aches and pains and is AMAZING for massage. I would suggest that every masseuse (or mom) keep this in their arsenal at all times!

So grateful for these products, specifically this line

May 20, 2012 by Chiara McCourt

Wow is all I have to say! I have been struggling with my acne for years and have never used a product that has nourished and healed my skin so quickly! The deep cleanse line not only gets rid of acne but heals acne scars! I've only been using Josie's products for a week and my skin is already completely healed! So grateful for these products!

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