Why an Herbal Facial Steam?

Weekly use provides a way to relax, replenish, rejuvenate the body... How much relief can be experienced by steaming the face? It's a surprise!

An herbal facial steam aids our body to eliminate toxins and impurities via the largest organ of our body, our skin, and also provides necessary nutrients for the skin producing a healthy tone and clear looking face.

Deep inhalation while steaming opens the lungs, soothes the throat and sinuses, and allows the herbs to regenerate our tissue and cells.

Since we do most of our communication through our face, which holds many muscles, an herbal facial steam is an effective way to relieve tension and maintain a refreshed and relaxed appearance, giving our face that extra “lift” it may need.

Younger skin can also benefit from weekly steams too as they help preserve a healthy, youthful and pure looking face.

We only use certified organic herbs for all our facial steams.

Ask us about our custom made to order steams for specific ailments.


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